Technology 1

Digent Fingerprint Algorithm

Digent is a total biometric solution provider in Korea. With its highly sophisticated fingerprint and face recognition algorithm and software and hardware technologies, it has provided biometric authentication system to many public organizations including Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior and Security, and National Policy Agency. It also supplied on-line data security and authentication solutions to many companies including Samsung Life Insurance and SPC Group. 


Technology 2

Face Algorithm

Alchera is a world-class company in deep-learning, AI, video recognition technologies. SNOW is the world famous phone camera application. Alchera’s face recognition technology is used by Shinhan Bank’s Face Pay service where customer can use financial services by logging-in with their face.


Technology 3

Authentication Management and Data Extraction

iD·One can be used with various devices by adopting globally acknowledged FIDO authentication protocol. Data are extracted using proven OCR algorithm so that any fraudulent data cannot be used.


Technology 4

Hybrid Multinet Blockchain

iD·One solution is programmed to include methods to objectively verify blockchain-based user information, contents of the contract, and inquiry results. It fulfills smart contract where contracts can be made without downtime, censorship, fraud, 3rd party intervention, or hacking. 

Technology 5

Security Solution With Dual Structure Encryption Algorithm

Encrypted security solution consists of dual structure encrypted security blocks that combines the advantages of blockchain and standard XML document. It first securitises with blockchain-based hash algorithm and then again with  XML’s tag-and-sign algorithm, offering the maximum security and processing speed.

Technology 6

Multi-level DB of Standard XML, AI & Big Data

Standard XML documents are used widely in various industries such as trade, finance, automobile and electronic commerce because of the ease of expression, sharing, and storing. XML can be internet language, document and a small database with high readability, compatibility, interoperability, portability.


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