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Business Area

Access any service or site without password

All you need is iD·One both on-line and off-line

Log-in and Sign-up

A single ID allows access to any platform/service that adopts iD·One solution. The user does not need a separate sign-up process


Personal information management

Your personal information is managed by yourself not by a 3rd party such as a bank or a telecom company(decentralization of personal information)


User verification for life

Once you sign up, you can use your ID and self-authentication service for life without renewal (free or minimum fee for lifetime)


Business Applications

iD·One enables easy integration of internal-external services for corporations

Single Sign On

With integrated single ID, enterprises can more easily manage accesses to all its on-/off-line services and can replace employee ID cards


Security Area

A company can manage employees’ access to sensitive data or area


On-/off-line membership management

iD·One offers customer DB management and user authentication tool for any of the company’s on-/off-line platform services


Financial Applications

iD·One enables easy integration of financial services

Alternative to
conventional methods

iD·One offers more secure and easier way for user verification than existing methods such as accredited certificate


Authentication for any financial transaction

iD·One can be used for verification in any financial activities such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers, inquiries, loans and insurance


Credit card security

iD·One can be used for payment authentication and help prevent fraudulent use of credit cards
(can be used for various digital currencies)


Public Sector Applications

iD·One can be used for integrated authentication for any government and public sectors.

Supplement to physical IDs

A digital ID based on iD·One can be used as an alternative identification method to physical IDs such as national ID, driver’s license, and passports


Digital ID(DID)

iD·One quickly transforms existing physical IDs into a digital ID without separate service platform or additional development work


Integrated authentication management

iD·One offers easy and safe ID management tool by integrating all on-line and off-line IDs into single authentication platform. 

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