Hyper Connected Society

What would it be like to live in a world where you don’t need to carry your Plastic ID cards?

Many people save the photo of their ID or driver’s license in their smart phone for convenience despite the risk of theft and/or forgery.


We believe that plastic ID cards will disappear in the near future. In the world of Digital ID, a secure and easy-to use Identification and Authentication tool will be ever more important in our daily lives.


By combining patented biometric algorithm, blockchain technology and standard DB technology, our iD·One platform will help bring Hyper Connected Society that connects every business and content with a single digital ID.


A world that doesn't need ID card.

Experience the easy-to-use authentication world of ID.

iD·One’s Aim

We create the digital world of the future

iD·One does not aim to create a fancy world like in “Matrix” or “Ready Player One” where everything is digitally connected, and people live in a virtual world.


Our aim is to offer a Unified Authentication Ecosystem to global users that takes down the boundaries between businesses and contents, and provides maximum security for personal information.


In the Hyper Connected Society brought by iD·One, we will build a ‘self(personal) authentication platform’ where people can store their personal ID securely and use any service fast and safely without needing to be tied to a specific service or content provider.


We will build up slowly and steadily to connect all businesses and contents.  


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